Illustration of Berries

Goldenberries are the heart of TERRAFERTIL

The TERRAFERTIL journey started off with goldenberries, a legendary berry that is considered to be the “natural multi-vitamin of the Andes”. Its roots date back to the Incan civilization, where goldenberries were cultivated as a noble plant, and used for its longevity properties in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Goldenberries are a nutritious and delicious fruit that is at the heart of TERRAFERTIL. Beyond its deliciously tart and sweet taste, goldenberries offer great nutritional benefits. Compared to other nutritious foods, goldenberries have:
- More iron than spinach*
- More potassium than bananas*
- More fibre than prunes*
- More fibre and less sugar than cranberries*

Today, TERRAFERTIL is one of the leading producers of goldenberries and partners with over a thousand goldenberry farmers to share this fruit with the world. Supporting farmers has been infused into our mission since its founding, and now through the Goldenberry Plan, TERRAFERTIL works these small farming communities to provide robust hands-on training in sustainable agriculture that respects the environment, and ensure fair, stable prices, and secured volume commitments with our farming partners.

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*Source: Covance Laboratories Nutritional Analysis of Goldenberries 2017 (per USDA Nutritional Data)