Our Story

David, Raul, and Daniel, three brothers from Ecuador,

learned from their father at an early age to appreciate their home and roots in the Andes Mountains, and have carried this respect for their origins into everything they do. In 2010, they created NATURE’S HEART, driven by their passion to nurture healthy lifestyles in every home with the goodness of nature. They work directly with hundreds of farming families in the Andes to share unique plant based products with the world.

Illustration of Almonds

NATURE'S HEART first launched in Mexico

and rapidly expanded to dozens of countries throughout Latin America and Europe, and now Canada. Exploring the globe in search of the finest flavours and most nutritious, high quality ingredients is a never-ending task. By simply valuing all that nature has to offer, NATURE'S HEART has a complete range of plant-based products, sourced with respect, and shared with pride.

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Every bar is wrapped in responsibly sourced paper,

certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Because to do good, for you and the world, is what drives us… Everything we do, WE DO FROM THE HEART.